Clinco understands the unique challenges waste generators face in managing their responsibility, so we take on the burden of ensuring your Duty of Care is fulfilled with compliant, reliable, and innovative waste management solutions.

Beyond Collection: A Holistic Approach

Timely and Reliable

We offer flexible schedules and tailored collection plans to suit your needs, with GPS-tracked vehicles for real-time monitoring.

Compliance Guaranteed

Our services adhere to all Department of Environment (DOE) regulations, keeping you secure from environmental risks and reputation damage.

Value-Added Services

We go beyond basic collection, offering training, consulting, and waste minimization strategies to help you reduce your environmental footprint and save costs.

Transparent and Accountable

Detailed tracking and reporting keep you informed and ensure responsible waste disposal every step of the way.

Integrity at the Core

At Clinco, we believe in ethical and transparent waste management practices. We never compromise on environmental standards or integrity, ensuring your waste is disposed of responsibly and sustainably.