Clinco’s story began in January 2015 with a simple mission: supporting healthcare facilities by taking the burden of waste management off their shoulders. We started as a dedicated clinic waste transporter, understanding the unique challenges faced by generators of this sensitive material.

Beyond waste collector, Clinco is pioneering sustainability. We’re proud to announce our new Department Of Environmental (DOE) approved waste plant, a RM100 million+ investment would shape a greener future. This plant would be capable in handling over 18 million tons of waste annually upon completion, creating over 1,000 jobs once its complete. Our phase 1 is now operational, transforming waste into a sustainable reality.

This expansion allowed us to offer holistic waste services, ensuring every step of the process, from doorstep collection to final disposal, adheres to the strictest environmental regulations.

Today, Clinco is more than just a waste collector or incinerator. We’re a trusted partner in waste management, providing peace of mind to our clients through:

        • Tight controls: Every aspect of our process is meticulously monitored and compliant with DOE regulations.
        • Value-added services: We go beyond basic disposal, offering training, consulting, and customized solutions to minimize your waste production and environmental footprint.
        • Transparency and accountability: We provide detailed tracking and reporting, so you can be confident your waste is handled responsibly and sustainably.

Clinco doesn’t just turn waste into watts and garbage into treasure; we’re actively working towards carbon neutrality. By choosing Clinco, you’re not only ensuring proper waste disposal, but also partnering with a team dedicated to protecting your reputation, your patients, and the environment.