Clinco realises the waste management needs of all healthcare providers to fulfill their Duty of Care. Our services are innovated to meet the demands for a compliant, timely, reliable waste collection service; value-added-services to enhance operations; and to ensure waste disposal charges do not compromise integrity.

Doorstep Waste Collection

Collection schedules and waste collection packages can be tailored to meet your waste disposal needs. With our in-house logistics, we pride ourselves on reliable collection trips according to schedule. All waste is handled strictly in line with the legislation to ensure your clinical wastes are controlled and disposed off safely.


Get reminded prior to a collection so that you get a heads up.


Managers get notifed post-collection so you can monitor your team.

Evidence-based Invoicing

An image of your waste and weight measurement will accompany every invoice to ensure that the integrity and accuracy of waste weighing is safeguarded.

Consumables at Subsidized Pricing

Being a one-stop waste provider, Clinco supplies consumables such as yellow bins, yellow bags, cytotoxic bags, wheeled-bins etc at competitive pricing.